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Steps To Design The Perfect Custom Shirt For Your Team

By: Diana Posted on: Jul 13, 2022
A company t-shirt is not just an outfit to make your team dress up in unison. It is a powerful tool for strengthening your brand image, adding a touch of professionalism, and can create over 3,400 impressions throughout its lifetime. A great work shirt will also foster team spirit and keep your team feeling valued and engaged. 

But how do you design a custom shirt for your company that does all these? 
Our design experts suggest four main factors you should consider - colors, logo placement, fonts, and customization options. 
Here is what you should know about each of them. 


The choice of colors on your shirt talks a lot about your brand's personality. Here you have two sets of colors to keep in mind - the colors in your design and the one on the shirt. Finding the best combinations of these colors is one of the most exciting parts of t-shirt designing. Here is what you should know to get the colors right. 

Generally, logos with bright colors will work well with shirts of dark color and vice versa. This increases the visibility of the design and makes them stand out. Here are some of the popular color combinations that will make your designs pop. 

Red & White

This color combination is one of the best choices to make your design really pop. 

Black & Gray

These two colors contrast together on t-shirts, producing a color combo that works for almost anyone.

Blue & White

The claimed combination of blue with white works well for almost any type of brand. 

Blue & Gray

You can play with different types of blue and gray to bring about various effects with a cool tone. 

Yes, there are virtually unlimited combinations of contrasting colors that you can come up with and it is not possible to list them all here. If you are creating your own color combo, make sure that the colors in your design and shirt go well together. 
Not sure what to choose? This handy contrast checker will help you find great color combos. 

And of course, you can get in touch with our design experts to make the process easy for you. Our art team makes sure that every order that t-shirt we design has great color contrast. If your design has any contrast issues that reduce visibility, our experts will suggest an alternative color that you will make your t-shirt design better. Find the best colors for your shirt - request a quote now!

Logo Placement  

Logo or design can be placed on several locations such as the left chest, right chest, front center, back, or sleeves of the shirt. Most business t-shirts will combine one or more of these design locations based on your requirements. Here are some of the popular combos you can use. 

Logo on the left chest - The classic choice

The popular standard is to embroider the brand logo on the left chest of the shirt. Often, it is done in combination with a full-back print showing the name of the company in larger font size. 

Ideal for: Most employee uniforms 

Logo on the left chest and Name on the right - for the professional look

If you want to add a personal touch to the employee uniform, embroidering the name of the employee on the right chest, in combination with the brand logo on the left chest, is a great option. 
Ideal for: Executives, sales reps, and other employees who interact with the customers.   

Logo on Front Center & Message on Back Center - For Maximum Visibility 

If you want your logo to be seen from a distance from both sides, printing them full on both front and back is an option worth considering. You can also use the back side for sharing your company address, contact info, or other details. 
Ideal for: Delivery, plumping, and other businesses where the employee is out and about wearing the uniform. 

Sleeves - Make your logo visible from the sides

Short Sleeves

As you might have noticed in the above illustrations, a simple design - like the company’s tagline - can be embroidered on the left and right sleeves. This adds a touch of class to the entire design and makes your logo visible from all sides. 

Full Sleeves

If your goal is to maximize the visibility of the logo, choose a long-sleeved shirt with a print that goes down from the shoulders. This works well when paired with a full-back print. 


Colors and logo placement are important, but you can’t ignore your fonts when creating business shirts. Using the right fonts will make your shirts stand out from the rest and create the brand image you want. 

You can also pair two different fonts together to add depth to your design. Here are some of the best fonts for business shirts, along with the best font pair you can use


Montserrat is a simple and minimal font that looks best for text in uppercase. It’s also a great font choice when creating a design with curved text.
Pair with: Roboto, Raleway, or Oswald


The classic and clean look of this slab-serif font works well for school and sports shirts.
Pair with: Lato, Montserrat, and Lobster

Libre Baskerville

The shape lines of this font are great for creating a design that will never go out of style. 
Pair with: Montserrat, Raleway, and Playfair Display

Abril Fatface

This refined, yet playful font is ideal for expressing bold ideas. It works great as the main element of the design.
Pair with: Roboto, Oswald, Raleway, and Playfair Display

Of course, this list is not exhaustive by any means. Check out this guide if you want to read more about fonts that are best for business shirts. 

Customization Options

So far, we have figured out the best color, font, and location for your design. All that is left is to get the design on a shirt. Again, you have multiple decoration options to choose from. The most common methods are embroidery, DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing, and screenprinting. You can choose any of these from ShirtsBargain depending on the type of design and the t-shirt fabric. 

There you have it, our top tips for creating a custom business shirt that stands out. Ready to create yours? Our experts can help you choose the perfect shirt product for your team and get them decorated with designs that stand out. 
Get started now! Create your shirt now or get in touch with us at 1-909-295-7067.

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